Problems With Post Office Ltd (POL)

This new blog seeks to be a repository of information and links relating to two topics.

a) Network Transformation (NT) which from its inception has been a disaster for Subpostmasters (SPMRs) and the Post Office Network.   Of course there have been some winners but now it is only the losers that are left and they need to be protected.  NT has also seen a huge amount of public investment squandered and POL management need to be brought to account for claiming success despite clear evidence to the contrary.

b) Horizon on Line (HOL) recent media attention has brought the reliability of HOL into question.  POL management are in complete denial that this problem exists which is extraordinary given that they have been shown concrete evidence to the contrary.   Incompetence is rife within the organisation and this leads to SPMRs losing money right left and centre.

As I add to these pages, looking back to what was said, published and promised I hope interested parties will eventually be able to use this as useful reference tool.

Cheers, Tim


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