The Social Value of the Network

In 2009 the Government (PostComm) commissioned a report ( on the Social Value of the Post Office Network.   Why they did this is not clear but it was certainly the precursor to the Network Transformation project.  Perhaps they felt this report would help to justify spending £1.34billion on the network.

The report basically evaluated how much each household would be prepared to pay in order to have access to Post Office Services.   The most quoted piece out of this report was that the Social Value equated to at least £2.3billion – although the high end figure was £10.2Billion.

The report also broke down this figure into product groups and asked the importance of each to the households.   Key groups were of course Postage and Banking etc – you know the products that POL’s customer wants and what he goes into the post office for in the first place.

It is interesting to note then that the calculated social value of the products that POL now believe will be their financial saviour – travel money, personal finance etc was a mere 5% of the total social value of the network.


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