Its hard to keep up – even their online system is a fiasco

I recall a few years ago we discovered that the Post Office Online Shop was selling 1st Class Large Stamps for the price of an ordinary 1st Class and lots of Subpostmasters took ‘advantage’ of this and bought loads to sell through their PO.

It seems their online system is still mickey mouse according to this report on a complaints web site:

Published 31 July 2015
Updated 31 July 2015

Post Office Travel Money…

My issue is brief though very frustrating and frankly appalling from what we deem a reputable company. I know feel my complaint needs to be highlighted in every means possible to warn everyone what to expect.

Today I make a purchase on the post office website for the travel money card. The purchase was simple, £250 worth of euros.

I commence the ordering and click confirm to verified visa. Page throws me back and tells me to try later as there was an issue. I try again later and order goes through.

Not feeling confident when websites fail I call my bank. 4 x £250 transactions have been authorised on my account. I potentially thought there may have been a double but a quadruple transactions ????

I call customer service and speak to Lauren. Lauren advises she needs my banks authorisation codes. I call my bank whilst Lauren is on hold. My bank advises it hey do not have that info (after speaking with card services and authorisation team) and it was rubbish post office won’t cancel what is quite clearly a technical fault in the post office website that’s put through four orders in the space of minutes.

Lauren disagreed so I asked for a manger.

Cut a long story short the manager advised only three charges where made and will refund two out of three and it will take 3 to 5 working days. I then call bank to verify but they advise there is still another charge. It’s also funny how my bank States the post office can reverse a charge as quickly as they take money. Let’s hope the manager of gets his commission thanks to me this week.

I call post office again and speak to Marcus….great chap, releases there is a technical error and places a refund on account for a “lost £250” however it needs to be authorised as lost transactions are dealt with different to double charges??? Unsure what that means. In Marcus defence he was great, it’s the process needing to be followed which is confusing and frustrating. I rate him highly against the team leader who didn’t seem to see things as Marcus did in the system. Having this I do not understand how two charges are treated as a double charge and one as a lost charge and therefore needs authorisation prior to it entering my account which could take some time.

Long and short I made one order and was charged four times and though my bank states they can refund as quickly as they take money the post office will take up to 10 working days meanwhile I have £250 I’m not sure I’ll get back, I travel money card which I am not confident will work considering everything else that has gone wrong and £500 I won’t get back till the end of next week…..and who knows how exactly I’ll make a £1500 mortgage payment Monday as now I have insufficient funds.

It’s quite clear my money is being held onto so that interest can be made for the post office hence delay in getting back my money. A nice free money earner with no thought in the customers finances and what problems they may have to confront with a mistake which was not caused by them but a technical problem on their side.

Word of advise, use Travelex or alternatively just change up good old fashioned money.

Between 1pm and 1:07pm Today I became £1000 poorer, dealt with three agents, have had poor excuses of the extra charges and a lie from a manager trying to say only three charges on my account when there were four and now have a weekend of panic on how I will be covering payments as well making calls left right and centre dealing with this!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Its hard to keep up – even their online system is a fiasco

  1. Wow what a badly written article about ‘ring fencing’ – nothing that is unique to Post Office here

    When you place an order online with any retailer, the payment is sent for authorisation to your card holder every time that you click “Complete Purchase”. Most card issuers will ringfence the payment until confirmation is sent that the order has been successful or has been declined. Your card issuer will then release the funds, however this can take 2-5 working days for your card issuer to process.


  2. Sure it happens elsewhere Brian – poorly worded article? – I didn’t write it just the poor customer trying to explain his problem – but it is the mess POL made of dealing with the problem that as you say happens all the time.


  3. Put like that I better understand the issue here thanks- appears to be the handling of the customer issues rather than any online system?


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