The Perfect Post Office

I amble along the High St on my mobility scooter.   I have a Birthday Card to post to my daughter so will visit the Post Office.  I look forward to going there now.   A chance to meet some people I may know or just have a chat with the lovely ladies behind the counter who always have a smile on their face and really look pleased to see me.

The cheery and bright new facade of the Post Office is a welcome boost to what was a declining High St.  As I approach the ramp on my scooter the door automatically opens and I enter.   The PO Counter is at the back of the store and I make my way towards it.  To my left I notice a tempting refrigerated display of cold drinks, sandwiches and salads.  Just what I need for lunch and look – it’s on special offer too – that will do nicely – I’ll grab what I need on the way out.

On my right is a great selection of greeting cards – that one looks nice – I know – I’ll buy that just now and send it off to my friend who is ill – that will cheer him up I am sure.

I carry on through to the Post Office counter through the nice and wide aisles – always free from clutter.  Oh dear there is a small queue but never mind I’ll do what I always do and go and have a cup of coffee and a bit of cake in the cafe section of the store – they serve great coffee here and the cakes are all hand made in the store.

I see on the Post Office counter they are handing out samples of that new perfume that was on all the TV adverts last night.  You can smell it from here.  Very pleasant – I might buy some of that for the wife.

The waitress comes to take my order – she recognises me and sees that I have a couple of cards.  I tell her I am going to buy the one I just picked up but will write it now so I can post it.  The waitress smiles, takes my order for coffee and cake and enquires if I would like her to get the stamps I need – she’ll put the card and stamps on my bill – saves me waiting in the queue she says.   Lovely dear – that is very kind of you.

As I sit and write my cards I think of the old post office – that grumpy old git called Tim behind the counter – always complaining about the Post Office – you really didn’t want to be served by him.   Glad they got rid of him.     I really do enjoy coming here these days.


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