Whatever Happened To ?

I wasn’t going to write anymore before my holiday on Monday but someone reminded me of a couple of POL pilots yesterday that never got off the ground.

There are more than a couple.

So this morning just out of interest I had a quick look around the internet about the Post Office Current Account – I stopped in my tracks fairly quickly as yet another totally absurd example of the incompetence of these people turned up.

First – when did it start (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/bank-accounts/9985004/Post-Office-to-launch-current-account.html) 11th April 2013 “The Post Office said it will introduce the account in a small number of branches in the coming weeks, widening through its 11,500-strong branch network in 2014.”

Second – what has happened since. On the 22nd January 2015 the Telegraph reported (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/bank-accounts/11005213/League-table-the-banks-winning-and-losing-customers.html) Gained 333 new customers and LOST 820 customers in a 3 month period in 2014 !

Third – so how do you open a Post Office Account?  It is available to open in selected branches only so how do you find one?

Follow these links:

a) http://www.postoffice.co.uk/current-accounts

b) on the page click Find Out More against Standard Accounts which will take you to a new page about Standard Accounts

c) Go to Want to Open an Account?  To find your nearest branch click on the link provided.

d) See what I mean?

I wonder if Tim Parker knows what he is taking on?

Somebody should send him this blog.

Cheers, Tim


One thought on “Whatever Happened To ?

  1. And what about Post Office Mobile. They offered SPMRs a trial account package and it looked close to ready for launch.

    I distribute at least 15 SIM cards a month, currently supplied by Booker.

    I am in a good Orange signal area, so PO Mobile running on Orange would work well here.

    Are SIM cards available to distribute yet? Blessed if I know, although it still shows on POL Product List


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