Tim has kindly allowed me to post to his site, but for the avoidance of doubt, all views expressed are entirely my own

We converted to a Local + in late 2014, having made the original decision in 2012.

We were not CWU Members at the time, and we made the four mistakes of 1) believing the workload figures provided by POL and 2) that POL would be able to hold on to existing business, 3) gain new business and 4) the process would be relatively speedy once agreed.

Sadly, none of those proved to be true.

When looking at POL workload figures, I had already increased our working estimate by a factor of 20% as I already mistrusted the figures. The reality has proved to be that we should have doubled their estimate, so the myth they peddle of reducing hours whilst maintaining services is just that; a myth and a dishonest myth at that.

The unfairness that rankles most of all is that, when calculating compensation, the amount was then reduced for every month the CTP remains.

In our case it took POL nearly 2 years of delay with futile visit after visit before they were actually ready to roll, including at least 4 design, redesign visits because POL had changed their mind/changed their thinking, learnt from past mistakes etc etc, not to mention the retail survey visits, “scoping” visits that serve no useful purpose but bolster the numbers on POL HO payroll.

It’s beyond me why all these buggers cant just turn up in a bus and do all this at one hit, but thats POL.

Had we chosen to leave, the leavers payment would not have been similarly affected by delays, even though the same CTPs would have been made

Again, try and nail down a timescale at the outset and make it plain that this must be adhered to.

Anybody even considering conversion should treat any POL statistics as the fantasy they so often are.


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