DVLA – The Unkindest Cut of All

The ever decreasing income (both transaction rates and volumes) from DVLA is yet another nail in our coffin.

This wouldn’t be so hard to swallow if DVLA had not negotiated their new contract with POL a mere 3 months before closing all their area offices. I can perhaps understand that POL may not have been fully informed on DVLAs plans, but I have to raise the question – in their desperation to keep a contract at any price, how much did they really ask?

The DVLA Annual Report for 2013-2014 states that the saving from closing Area Offices was £26m, with a further £17m saving from the new POL contract, That £17m equates to an AVERAGE annual saving per 4600 DVLA POs of £3,700,  or a £3,700 annual LOSS of income per PO.

How much of that £3,700 would have been ripped off (sorry, used to defray essential HO expenses) by POL HO is impossible to know.

In 2013-2014 over 50% of transactions were being done online.

The 2014-2015 Annual Report cheerfully reports that figure is now 75%, bringing that loss of income to SPMRs to  c£5,500 (compared to 2013 volumes and rates).

And yet, FCA are still telling prospective Locals that they must be open 60-70 hours a week to satisfy the needs of a DVLA that have slashed our income from their work by close to 90%.

We now have the ridiculous situation where customers are using and abusing 4600 POs for the most difficult transactions, only when every other avenue has failed.

And for providing this failsafe/backstop service to DVLA 60 – 70 hours a week, Saturdays and Sundays, POs are getting about the price of a Cadburys Fudge. Was this transaction rate agreed by NFSP (Never Fault Saintly Paula)?

I spent 10 minutes today helping a customer (who can’t read) fill in a V62 form, a transaction that will not earn me a penny,

Similarly, many of these last ditch attempts to tax a car similarly end in failure, through no fault of the SPMR, so we don’t even get paid for the numerous abortive transactions.

In my honest opinion, given that my income from DVLA is now in the £20-£30 per MONTH bracket, this is one of the few cases where collectively SPMRs could, and should, say to POL/DVLA either increase the transaction rates to a viable level, or just shove your contract, and see how well you do with Paypoint or some other sucker.


One thought on “DVLA – The Unkindest Cut of All

  1. Hi Fim

    You made me think about how POL currently advertise their branches for sale on their website and also to prospective new operators (PNO). They project likely income based on historical sales but they never seem to update these projections taking into account recent changes such as the drop in Moneygram commission.
    Cheers, Tim


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