It’s Time for the Annual Mistake Paula!

Yet another sign of just how unaccountable Post Office Ltd is.  Their annual report for year ending 31st March is now considerably overdue.   Royal Mail reported their figures in May I believe.  BIS – the apparent overseer of POL until recently – reported theirs some months ago as well.  Why the delay?  It’s not rocket science – but maybe for POL it is and they don’t have any scientists of that calibre to assist them.

Maybe they have sent the first draft to be spellchecked and content checked.  Hopefully not to the same people who approved last year’s drivel which started on the front page of the report.   It proclaimed proudly ( on page 5 that three branches were now open 24/7 – well done Paula – amazing – three branches serving the needs of the thousands if not millions of customers who desperately need a first class stamp at three o’clock in the morning.

But right next to this marvellous announcement they declare that 3.30am is the earliest any of their branches open.  Who writes this garbage and who checks it for goodness sake?

But as they say on QVC – that’s not all.  Not by a long means.  This Paula Vennells who is on control of a multi million pound, publicly owned and funded organisation, has only this week revealed in a response to a Freedom of Information request that she has no idea of who her top suppliers are and how much she spends with them.  That is suppliers she spends over a million pounds per annum with.  For goodness sake woman – do you have any idea of what you need to know in order to run a company properly?

She has to go now – get someone in with some brains – some idea of how to save Post Office Ltd.  Someone who can at least get the annual report out in the year that it was meant to be published.

And by the way – as far as I know the criminal investigation is still ongoing – charges will be brought I am sure – but yet she allows Seema Misra to suffer endless misery because of the insane prosecution brought against here. Shame on you Paula – and your God is certainly ashamed of you.



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