We should all be concerned about the future of Post Office Limited

Les has made a success out of the postal services industry after leaving POL. Someone like Les should be running Post Office Ltd. i.e. someone who knows what is going on and what it takes to make a difference before it is too late.

Les Gilbert

12th September 2016

The Communications Workers Union has given notice that their Post Office workers intend to commence industrial action this week and that they will, rather unusually, be joined in doing so by Post Office Managers represented by Unite the Union.

It is all too easy to dismiss this as yet another public dispute, the seemingly inevitable Post Office strike that seems to take place almost annually in the run up to Christmas but this time it is different. The Unions have recognised that the future of the Post Office network is under threat.

“The Post Office is at crisis point and the government has to step in” says Communications Workers Union General Secretary Dave Ward. 

A significant number of Postmasters also appear to have also lost confidence in the ability of Post Office Limited to run the network. Postmasters run 97% of the country’s 11,500 Post Office…

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