Awarding the Truth?

In my last blog post I questioned whether or not Paula Vennells was really seeking the truth and as a conversation starter I gave her the benefit of doubt.  Since then I have been privy to some more ‘inside knowledge’ of not only what is about to be made public in the forthcoming trial in March but also what she must surely be aware of.   This places extreme doubt on the connotations I drew from my previous piece that she has been misled for some time by her subordinates.

There can be only two conclusions now to be drawn.  Either she is complicit in the deceit or is downright incompetent.  If she was complicit in the deceit then her acceptance of the CBE leaves many more questions to be answered because she surely knows that she will be ‘found out’ in due course.  If there is one man I would bet my life on at the moment to get to the real truth behind all of this it is Justice Fraser and surely she realises this.  But then again maybe she is not only deceitful but incompetent at the same time.

There are no excuses.  Ignorance of what has transpired proves incompetence and complicity proves criminal behaviour.  A reward for her behaviour is astounding but with the acknowledgement that those that offered it have no insight – yet – of what has transpired within the post office.  Perhaps the reward is some token gesture for her having returned the Post Office to profit after all these years?  Well close down the network and stick three billion in a savings account and you come up with a far greater return on your investment than she has achieved.   But the network has survived you say?  No it has not.  Cavender QC for Post Office Ltd has proved beyond all doubt that only incompetent and commercially naive business folk would have bought a Post Office in the last few years and only the same suitably qualified idiots would buy one in the future.  The brand has gone as has the quality of new entrants in to the network.  A brand that was once worth billions is now worthless.  Paula Vennels contribution to the demise of the High St is the only thing worthy of a reward.

But let me get back to ignorance for a bit.  Paula Vennels is not ignorant.  She just refuses to listen to those who have been trying to tell her the truth.  I am an atheist and I have no doubt that she would not enter into any discussion or argument if I put forward my notion that there is no God.   Neither of us could prove our points with evidence and we would dismiss each other’s point of view out of hand.  I accept that.

But I have personally advised her, with stunning evidence, that her version of the truth is at odds with reality.  She has even encouraged me to provide more evidence so not entirely discounting my arguments immediately yet in the long term reverts to the party line of there not being any faults in her company.  Surely some doubt has arisen over the years yet she has made no attempt to personally investigate and find the truth for herself which makes me question how she became so religious.  Did she just believe what she was told?  And now as a reverend she is telling others what to believe despite not being able to provide evidence to support her opinion.

The conundrum of my last post though, whether or not Paula was actually seeking the truth, is superceded by the one question that will answer nearly all our concerns, why were the very people who were employed by POL to seek out the truth, Second Sight, sacked when their job was only half done and the truth that they revealed was becoming more and more unpleasant?  Paula Vennells was surely involved in that decision to fire them.  If the truth hurts so much why on earth has Paula Vennells accepted an award that will only have to be returned in disgrace?



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