Post Office Ltd – The End is Nigh

With all the attention that is being focused on Post Office Ltd (POL) at the moment with the on-going trial ( you would think POL would be displaying a modicum of common sense when it comes to even more unwanted publicity that would tend to put off anyone considering buying a post office.

There are many key components to a sustainable Post Office Network but none is as important as a steady stream of individuals keen enough to borrow and invest in purchasing a Post Office from an incumbent subpostmaster.   You see all subpostmasters need to retire eventually and to do that they have only two options, sell the business on or close it completely.  As the NFSP are very helpfully pointing out today in the press, more and more subpostmasters are finding the latter the only option they have and while I don’t blame the NFSP for making this point it is just adding fuel to the fire and will only serve to put more individuals off buying a post office.

In an absurd attempt to maintain the Network size, Post Office Ltd are offering interested parties the opportunity to open a brand new post office more often than not in close proximity to an existing one.  There is absolutely no commercial sense in this for anyone involved.   This won’t increase overall sales of Post Office products, it will make existing Post Offices harder to sell therefore increasing the chances of them closing altogether and it will increase the costs associated with supporting a Post Office for POL.  It is complete and utter madness.

I was going to write more about this but it seems I already have as my evidence statement to the BEIS select committee has just been published and it re-iterates much of the above.  I wrote that in April so POL decided in their wisdom to provide me with a clear cut example of the very problem I am referring to above as well as one quite local to me.

In the same newspaper last week two reports – side by side – tell of one subpostmaster clearly infuriated with POL and desparate to sell only to find one of these White Space offices opening up right next door to him in a small town with a more than ample supply of Post Offices.

POL are completely out of control and led by idiots.   If the management are not replaced then there is no hope for the network.   A very sad state of affairs for all of those who still have their own money invested in their post offices and those lucky enough to sell on have been replaced by people who clearly have no business acumen and who didn’t do their research properly and are now regretting their decision.


One thought on “Post Office Ltd – The End is Nigh

  1. Never a truer word Tim. Any business in trouble, even more so, one which loses it’s CEO as a result, would immediately halt the strategy of the departing leader. Rifle-bullet-feet?


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