The Trade Union Bill

Going off my chosen subject for a bit and looking at the Trade Union Bill currently going through Parliament.

The proposed requirements on voter turnout and support percentages for key services ballots are completely unnecessary in my view.

Why on earth the government sees fit to introduce these is beyond me and will only lead to strife if the legislation is passed.

Eyes Wide Open Approach

A worker seeking employment must do so with their eyes wide open.   They apply for the job so they must be aware of what they are applying for and the terms and conditions of any offer made to them.   If by taking the position offered the worker finds themselves qualified to join a Union, whether or not he does, he must realise that the terms and conditions of his employment have been negotiated previously by the Trade Union.   He is receiving the benefits of the past work of them.   If then in the the future having taken up employment, he disagrees with the Trade Union he remains perfectly free to join them and argue his case.   By not joining he surely is agreeing by default with the Trade Unions stance.


If you are a member of any organisation or indeed just of voting age, then you have a choice to either vote or not.  If you don’t use your vote then you can have no complaints afterwards that your views weren’t considered.

The Trade Union bill insists that there must be at least a 50% turn out of eligible voters before any ballot can be declared valid.  40 years ago, when the closed shop was still in practice I would have agreed with that measure.   But it isn’t.  You are free to join and vote or not as the case may be.   Failure to vote whether enfranchised to do so or not can only be construed as consent.

“Qui tacet consentire”


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